Tropical Accents highly recommends the use of organic products. We have created a program to inform you of the many organic products used to maintain a healthy, chemical free yard. 

This organic program does more than just creating a healthy lawn. It is also much safer for pets, children and the surrounding communities. Creeks, lakes and rivers are becoming more and more contaminated due to chemicals in many non-organic products such as weed and feeds and certain fertilizers. It may be cheaper to use non-organic products, but in the long run we will pay a bigger price by damaging one of life's most precious resources..... water!  


Winter Rye Grass: It provides nutrients such as nitrogen to the lawn when the rye grass dies back in March or April. It is a grass seed that is spread throughout the lawn to keep it green and lush through the winter when your lawn becomes dormant. 

Aeration: Beneficial to your lawn when top-dressing. This helps to break up hard compacted soil and or heavy clay like soil. Even if you decide not to top-dress it is still good to Aerate once a year.

Actinovate: A treatment and preventive applied a few times a year to control soil borne and foliage fungal diseases.

Beneficial Nematodes:  An organism used to eat fleas, grubs, and fire ant larvae. Only to be used in irrigated areas.

Crab Grass Killer: Used as a spot treatment to kill many types of weeds. The lawn must be wet when applied. 

Orange Oil and Vinegar:  A great treatment for weeds. Tropical Accents applies this product during our maintenance visits. 

Summer Upgrades

Native Texas Hardwood Mulch: Retains moisture during hot summer months. Keeps your beautiful plants from stressing for the heat, reduces your water usage, biodegrades and provides nutrients to the soil.

Spring and Fall Upgrades

Lady Bug 8-2-4 Fertilizer: works best when clippings are left on the lawn. After the fertilizer is applied it is always good to water it into the lawn.

Lady Bug Brand Revitalizer: plays a key role in boosting organisms and breaking down sandy like loam into beneficial soil. Spread thin 1/2 " - 1" layer over yard and water in well.

Aerobically-brewed Compost Tea with Lady Bug Terra Tonic: is a top dressing alternative, application is recommended at least three times a year. 

Corn Gluten (9-0-0) Fertilizer: used as a pre-emergent for weeds. It will only prevent seeds from germinating. It does not kill existing weeds.

Organic Manure Compost: Used to top dress lawns along with aeration, beds under oaks. Provides organic nutrients that benefit all lawns, trees and plants.